Celestial Canines grew out of my love and practice of astrology and my love of dogs.  When I got my first dog Eva 7 years ago, I was determined to have the best dog ever and so along with making sure she looked well groomed at all times, I also delved into the world of dog training and behavior to make sure she had the best manners to match.  It occurred to me after all of my studies that a lot of dogs do exhibit personality traits that go beyond mere instinct and so the book was created as an amusing look at dog behavior according to their zodiac sign. We call Eva "The Diva" for a reason - it suits her Leo personality!


The Celestial Canine product line was the next step.  These charms were designed to provide a distinctive addition to your favorite furry friend's collar or leash that makes them stand out from the rest of the pack. 


Owners who are inclined to get their own companion charm are encouraged to do so.  Wear your charm with style!

Heidi Macalle